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oh_so_blessed's Journal

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What type of music do you listen to?:
What do you do in your spare time?:
Favorite Movie:
Favorite Singer:
Favorite Actor:
Favorite Actress:
Favorite Food:



Promote in 3 places:

Atleast 3-5 clear pics of yourself:

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1. You must be at least 14 to join.
2. Don't go bitching to the other members, mods, or anyone in this community. We don't want any drama.
3. Must put "Am I Blessed?" in the subject line; so we know you read the rules.
4. Don't advertise without sending an e-mail to a mod asking to.
5. Put all applications must be behind an lj cut. To do so just put [lj-cut]TEXT HERE[/lj-cut] then change the [ and ] to < and >.
6. Post at least 3 pictures of yourself. If it's a group photo make sure you tell us which one you are. Also keep the photos clear, we just need to see your face.
7. Stamped members must put "Stamped" in the subject line when posting themes, etc.
8. All of the application must be filled out.
9. No nude pics, please.
10. Only accepted members can vote.
11. Stay active and vote on other members once you've been accepted.
12. You must post a salute with you holding some paper proving you're not fake.
13. Have fun! It's just a rating community..

Break any of these rules and recieve 1 warning. Break them again and become banned.

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311, 90s music, =w=, almost famous, alternative, andy warhol, angelina jolie, art, bam margera, barbie, beautiful, beauty, being hot, being the best, bitch, blink 182, blonde, brand new, bright eyes, brunette, camera, charlie pace, cheerleading, chinese food, clubs, coffee, colin farrell, conor oberst, courtney love, couture, cruel intentions, cute, dave matthews band, dawson's creek, death cab for cutie, desaparecidos, dominic monaghan, dominique swain, donnie darko, elite, elitists, eliza dushku, emo, eyeliner, fashion, flirting, frappuccinos, friends, girl interrupted, girls, glassjaw, good times, guys, guys in bands, hal sparks, harry potter, high school, hole, hot, hot guys, hot sauce, i love the 90s, ian somerhalder, icons, indie, jimmy eat world, jimmy fallon, johnny depp, josh holloway, keira knightley, kissing, konstantine, legolas, livejournal, lolita, lord of the rings, lost, louis vuitton, maggie grace, making out, marguerite moreau, marilyn manson, massive attack, mean girls, michael ian black, modest mouse, movies, mtv, music, nirvana, oasis, orlando bloom, patrick fugit, perfect, perfection, pictures, pills, pink, pirates of the caribbean, pixies, placebo, polka dots, pop culture, portishead, psychology, queen of the damned, rachel mcadams, radiohead, rating, rating communities, rating you, requiem for a dream, sahara hotnights, scott weiland, sea and cake, sex, sexy, shopping, snl, something corporate, starbucks, stone temple pilots, stuart townsend, sublime, taking back sunday, talking, tanning, tara conley, the ataris, the beatles, the butterfly effect, the cure, the notebook, the postal service, the ring, the texas chainsaw massacre, the verve, the virgin suicides, third eye blind, vanilla coke, velvet revolver, vendetta red, verve pipe, vh1, viva la bam, wet hot american summer, wet seal, will & grace, yellowcard,